“Mission Possible”

Track My Steps (TMS) provides a revolutionary tutorial curriculum that is dedicated to closing achievement gaps and providing equitable education for all children. Our strategic Achievement Plans (AP) will eradicate the achievement gaps of high poverty and minority students.

TMS strategic achievement plans, developed by current and/or retired public school educators, are tailored to each student’s learning style and pace. You ask how TMS will produce success.  Our formula is simple: assessment, remediation, and exposure.

All TMS participants will have assessments in learning styles, health, self-identity, and 21st century core subjects.  After this data is gathered TMS will begin the remediation process. Students will have one on one or small group studies until core subject concepts are mastered.

Based on assessments and students’ career paths, TMS will partner with local colleges, universities, and professionals, to introduce students to their elective careers. This allows students to identify expectations of higher learning and employee qualifications.

The final goal is to produce on time high school graduates who will become college/university or work force ready.  This initiative will save North Carolina an estimate of $97.4 million in college remediation costs and lost earnings.