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Why It Matters to North Carolina and its Communites, Residents and Businesses 

Providing access to high-quality education has obvious benefits for North Carolina's children. But improving education is a rising tide that floats all boats, providing benefits to the state and its communities, residents, and businesses. 

Research shows that high-achieving public schools can help make states and communities more economically competitive and positively impact economic development. They have a positive influence on residential property values and population growth. Businesses are attracted to communities that have a growing source of customers and well-trained employees.

Here's the proof that everyone wins when all North Carolina students succeed in school:1

  • On average, a high school graduates in North Carolina earns $8,095 more each year than a high school dropout does.
  • The total lost lifetime earning for the 2011 class of North Carolina dropouts is $4.4 billion.
  • The North Carolina's high schools were to graduate all students ready for college, the state would likely save as much as $168 million on college remediation costs and lost earnings.
  • Of just half of North Carolina's dropouts had graduated, they would likely have provided the following economic benefits to the state:
                                        $655 million in increased home sales
                                          $30 million in increased annual auto sales
                                      2,600 new jobs
                                       $376 million increase in the gross state product 
                                         $28 million in increased annual state tax revenue

[1] From the Alliance for Excellence in Education’s research on the 2010-2011 school year, http://www.all4ed.org/files/NorthCarolina_hs.pdf